Youth volunteer

Become a Volunteer!

We are looking for exemplary youths to help teach the word of God to the generation.  Our episcopal church has their doors open to those who have courage and kind heart to share their teaching skills to our youth.

What to expect as a volunteer?

You will be working with experienced volunteers and help them teach kids in our Sunday school. The goal is making kids bible literate and shed light on how Jesus lived his life in the past, as an inspiration to lead the youth to a better being. Sunday church school will be held in our old building but there’s nothing to worry as renovations are ongoing with the best contractors to make it a more conducive place for studying.

Church volunteers ought to be expected to go through a conventional application process. The interaction includes gathering fundamental segment data, work abilities and volunteer interests.

This information is then placed into an information set that store generally volunteer data including hours worked, regions served, work interests, abilities, and so forth.

Simplify the cycle so volunteers can get involved as fast as could really be expected.