The episcopal church is welcoming ministers who are willing to serve our church. Now is your chance to help spread the word of Jesus and teach future generation.

Try not to circumvent him.

The expression “it’s smarter to request pardoning than to request authorization” ought to never enter your brain while pondering how to serve your minister. It’s consistently, consistently, generally better to request his authorization. Continuously.

Try not to conflict with him.

Serve your minister with help, help and support. In the event that you can’t help contradicting him, have a discussion with him and ask him inquiries. He’d be a lot more joyful having a discussion and addressing your inquiries/concerns then managing your absolute resistance.

Try not to amaze him.

It took me seven and a half years to understand that my minister could have done without being amazed on Sunday mornings. Duh. Presently I email/talk with him consistently about the thing melodies I’m arranging. According to the vast majority of the time, he, “That is extraordinary.” One percent of the time, he says, “I’d prefer you not … .” And keeping away from that 1% possibility astounding him has made my life substantially more agreeable (and presumably his as well).